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Excilias III T1200J Antimatter Beam Rifle by Marksman104 Excilias III T1200J Antimatter Beam Rifle by Marksman104
[Old Description]
I've managed to add another Heavy weapon to my arsenal. This is the famed Excilias III T1200J Antimatter Particle Rifle developed by the Mantid/Maldorian Weapons Corps and employed by Assault Grenadiers. Able to cut down a fully armored division and capable of downing a hostile starships shields. The only drawback to this weapon is chronic overheating and ventilation.
[New Description:]
The T1200J Excilias III Antimatter beam rifle is the cutting edge of particle emitting weaponry. Using starship based plasma and highly charged antimatter proton cells, this weapon can almost decimate an enemy starship. However it can damaged the shields on a low flying vessel just enough for support fighters and nearby ships to down them and destroy the hostile attacker. Its main function is for anti armor purposes in spite of the MIRL457 and is also used by Maldorian Grenadiers and Anti-Armor personnel. The beam itself is constricted and concentrated by 6 coaxial plasma repetition columns (or CPRC) located near the beam and stabilized by 20 ion control nodes located on the sides of the containment blades. However the ammo is rechargeable it does not last very long in an endured firefight. The Contained Antimatter Core, located in the center of the large sphere of the T1200, is almost depleted after two heavily armored units have been destroyed. The weapon must be fired in a short controlled beam otherwise if kept in a continuous firing rate the weapons core will overload and detonate.

Basically an improvement over this version >>…<<

Do not use without my permission

(C) 2013 Marksman104 (Alexander M. Barnes)
Masterblaster1234 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013
Marksman104 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Personally with the RTI447 SMART Scope I think it looks better. I'll have to update this with the newer version.
Masterblaster1234 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
oh yeah
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